Brandt Beal

Innovator, Leader, and Entrepreneur

My Story.

Brandt Beal is an innovator, leader and entrepreneur, so it comes as no surprise that he turned his own personal health crisis into a way to transform healthcare and help others achieve their best health.

After 10 years at the helm of his own technology services firm, Brandt realized the toll that rapidly growing a multimillion-dollar business had taken on his health. He decided to put his health first and take some time to address a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, Brandt was met with what many Americans face – a string of misdiagnoses from a number of well-respected physicians who insisted nothing was wrong with him. Brandt refused to settle for feeling subpar. He knew there were answers and he was determined to find them. Realizing that he was in the worst shape of his life and on the verge of becoming a diabetic, Brandt followed his innovative spirit and took his health into his own hands.

Through his personal health revolution, Brandt founded INDUR with the idea that if he was able to reclaim his health by solving his vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and insulin resistance issues within three months, he could build a team of professionals to help others do the same.

A native Texan, Brandt attended Texas Tech University. He now resides in Austin where his passion for healthy living, scuba diving, world travel and food are only trumped by his dedication to INDUR and his love of his Yorkie kids, Tebow and Toby, who keep him joyfully active every day!

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